8-9 August 2017

Chennai Trade Centre
Chennai, India

8-9 August 2017 Chennai Trade Centre Chennai, India


Why in India?

Asian countries are surging ahead. India is one of the world's emerging economies with the entertainment sector occupying a dominant position. In fact, Indian cinema industry is second only to Hollywood in size. South India, having the highest number of cinema screens and highest number of movie releases, is the top market for cinema exhibition in India.

The 21st century belongs to Asia, more specifically to China and India, the two fastest growing economies of the world. By 2025, China and India are expected to be the second and third largest economies respectively.

There is a huge appetite for technical knowhow and equipment owing to the untapped potential in the cinema theatre market in India and the other Asian countries. There is a huge gap that needs to be filled in. And here lies an opportunity for a viable platform in India to showcase competencies, safeguard interests and share expertise with Asia and the rest of world.

    Why in Chennai?
  • Chennai, one of India's top metro cities, is the capital of Tamil Nadu state and is home to some of the greatest cinemas and movie culture.
  • Chennai is the major destination for buyers in South India for cinema exhibition equipment.
  • With 6,000 out of a total of estimated 9,500 screens, 70% of India's of cinemas is in South India.
  • South India produces 82% of the total movies in the country!
  • Chennai Trade Centre is a fully air-conditioned trade centre, co-developed by International Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) of Pragati Maidan, New Delhi fame. It is India's one of the best state-of-the-art infrastructure to showcase products.
  • Chennai Trade Centre is ideally located near airport, star hotels, shopping centres and the famous Marina beach.